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Capitaldreamz is an online platform to showcase your uniqness to the Globe we specialized on online promotions. We are also your number one online advertising platform.

What we do:

  • *Social Media Sponsored Advertisement.
  • *Website/Blog Development.
  • *Promotional Mixed Tape by DJ Smash & DJ Ndeen.

Promote your product/services/music/video/page etc. to over 50 million acttive Nigerians on FaceBook,
Instagram & twitter and enjoy an amazing increase in your daily sales/reach.

We offer the most affordable and effective Social Media Advertising services!

Our Estimated Sponsored Ads Reach:

3 Day at N4,500 (Estimated reach 15,000 people)

7 Days(1 Week) at N10,000 (Estimated reach 10,000 – 40,000 Active Users)

1 Month(30 days) at N40,000 (Estimated reach 15,000 – 200,000 Active Users)


30 Days(1 month) at N50,000 (Estimated reach 15,000 – 300,000 Active Users)


30 Days(1 month) at N60,000 (Estimated reach 25,000 – 400,000 Active Users)


30 Days(1 month) at N70,000 (Estimated reach 40,000 – 500,000 Active Users)

All our services are affordable…

To order:

Text, Call or WhatsApp us on +2348185689462

Send a mail to info@capitaldreamz.com

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